CLAUS RITTENHOUSE born about 1615 in Mulheim, Westfalia, Germany, married MARIA HAGERHOFFS born about 1619 in Mulheim, Westfalia, Germany.
  Margaret Rittenhouse (c1619)
WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1644 in Mulheim, Westfalia, Germany, died in 1708 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. He came to America on the Ship Concord in 1688 with his three children. He was the first paper maker and first Mennonite Bishopin America Married GEETRUID PIETERS born c1646 in Holland
  Nicholas (Claus) Rittenhouse
Elizabeth Rittenhouse
GARRETT RITTENHOUSE born about 1674 in Holland, died Feb. 1742 in
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Name of his wife is not known.
  WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born in 1695 in Cresheim, Pa (near Germantown), died in 1767 in Rosemont, NJ. Married about 1720 in Pennsylvania to CATHERINE HOWELL born about 1700 in Philadelphia, Pa, died in 1728
  WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1722 in Delaware Twp, Hunterdon,
NJ, died about 1799 in Hunterdon, NJ. Married REBECCA HARNET.
  Benjamin Rittenhouse (1746/7-Dec. 29, 1821)
Garret Rittenhouse (born 1754)
WILLIAM RITTENHOUSE born about 1755 in Delaware Twp,            Hunterdon, NJ, died July 14, 1816 in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co, Pa.
  David Rittenhouse (1782-1853/1860)
James Rittenhouse (1786-Jan 1852)
Abner Rittenhouse
Catherine Rittenhouse
Rebecca Rittenhouse
Ann Rittenhouse
Lavinia Rittenhouse
Delia Rittenhouse
RHODA RITTENHOUSE born March 21, 1796, died Oct. 9, 1843
in Perry Twp, Fayette Co. Pa. Married on Jan. 7, 1819 to JAMES

Adah Rittenhouse
Thomas W. Rittenhouse
  Rebecca Rittenhouse(Sep. 10, 1758-June 21, 1830)
Abner Rittenhouse (born May 5, 1760)
Daniel Rittenhouse (May 2, 1760-May 19, 1848)
Presylla Rittenhouse
Catherine Rittenhouse (1762-Jan. 10, 1830)
Abigail Rittenhouse (born Jan. 6, 1764)
Anna Rittenhouse (born about 1765)
Hannah Rittenhouse (about 1767-before 1799)
Isaac Rittenhouse
  Peter Rittenhouse (1724-1804)
Priscilla Rittenhouse (born about 1725)
Isaac Rittenhouse (July 13, 1726-Feb. 23, 1809)
Moses Rittenhouse (about 1728-1774)
Lott Rittenhouse (1737-1813)
Anna Rittenhouse
Hannah Rittenhouse (died May 19, 1798)
Sarah Rittenhouse
  Peter Rittenhouse
  Heinrich Nicholas Rittenhouse (c1648)
Ref: Rittenhouse Family Association
Historic Rittenhouse Town

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The first Rittenhouse home; circa 1690. (One room with large fireplace)